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It is essential that diesel powered generators are serviced and maintained regularly and correctly. J.R Boat Services can take care of diesel generator servicing and maintenance for any brand or age of  diesel generator. During a routine generator service visit we will carry out a full on-site inspection and service of your generator which includes the following:-  

  • Fluids level (Oil and coolant) check. (minor top-up is normally included) 

  • Coolant antifreeze condition. 

  • Fuel hoses, storage and pumps inspection. 

  • Coolant hoses and engine heater function. 

  • Starter Batteries voltage and charge rate. 

  • Mechanical inspection including fixings, guards, anti-vibration mounts, fan belts etc. 

  • Canopy condition including silencers, hinges, corrosion, cable entry etc. 

  • Electrical connection and wiring – security and safety.

  • Run on and off load (with your permission). 

  • Full Report on the generator and installation condition.

   Volvo Penta


FG Wilson


Beta Marine

Fischer Panda



Solè Diesel



Cummins Onan

JR Boat Services are happy to work on all kinds of diesel generator from manufacturers such as: 


Please note we are an official dealer for Whisper Power in Poole. See JR Marine Systems tab for more information.

Mobile / Specialist Vehicle

We can supply and service a large range of portable generators both petrol and diesel powered. Our expertise and technical knowledge has span across various sectors including Healthcare, Hospitality, Public Services and Commercial.

Off Grid

As well as Marine Generating sets, JR Boat Services will work on and maintain back up generators for off grid locations, building sites and generally anywhere your generator may be situated. 


Maintenance contracts are available to keep your set in peak condition.

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