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At JR Boat Services we believe in moving forward, towards a more sustainable way of boating. We

are currently progressing projects and connections with other companies in order to bring a range

of products which are more environmentally friendly to Poole. The aim we have is to collectively reduce our carbon footprint within the area, making our waters healthier and cleaner.


With the increase in fuel prices, we also believe that not only will the products benefit the environment, but also your pocket! During recent years there as been a surge in solutions to reduce the amount of impact our generations have had on the environment and to pave a way for the future. These solution include other alternative fuels, other means of power - solar / wind, as well as using these other means to push for electric conversions. Fuel pollution is one of the biggest contributors of damage to our oceans. Electric power in the boating industry is advancing at a rapid rate, and we have several products available that can provide this conversion, including the Whisper Power OctoPower - a  low emissions generator. 

The future is greener technology and we aim to do our part by partnering with other companies that have the same beliefs and making this technology available on our doorstep. By coming together, we can do our part to provide healthier and cleaner waters. The RYA and British Marine have launched a programme called 'The Green Blue' in which they aim to provide guidance and recommendations in order to promote sustainability for recreational boating. For more information on their campaign, please visit


To see more on electric and hybrid alternative products click the button.

Green Technology

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