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Mobile Power

Equipment for short and medium term applications, which features robustness and reliability for 24/7 operations, easy to use, low operating costs and environmental friendly. HIMOINSA's portable generators are very user-friendly, which is why they are used in homes, small businesses and leisure activities by non-specialised users, in an easy and simple way.

HIMOINSA offers portable diesel generator sets from 3kVA to 10.6kVA powered by Hatz which, depending on the engine, have electric or manual start-up. To meet the needs of different countries, the HC range includes models that work at 50Hz and 60Hz.

The tubular construction version with or without wheels is perfect for small spaces such as food truck kitchens, outdoor trips and events, small construction sites and even as emergency power in your own home. 

Mobile Power Himoinsa.jpg

Due to their small size, the generators of the HC | Portable range are also an attractive option for fire services and civil defence teams or emergency services. 

They can be carried to areas that are inaccessible to vehicles and light up a field hospital or be used to supply power to water pumps or to heat portable stoves.

Visit to view the full range of Mobile Power generators.

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