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Solé Generators

Solé Diesel engines are distinguished by their robustness, reliability and low maintenance. We offer innovative solutions to adapt the equipment to the customers' demanding needs. Designed for multiple applications. Solé Diesel engines are the perfect option for both leisure and professional boats. Owning a Solé Diesel engine means having the relief of being able to enjoy the navigation experience with high performance and great efficiency. Power ranges from 16 HP up to 270 HP , with their own marinization process and entirely manufactured in their factory in Martorell, Barcelona. 

Mini 29 Marine Engine 3 cylinders In line 27 HP (20 kW) 3600 RPM

The MINI-29 is 3 cylinders, mechanical injection diesel engine for boats ultra-compact which performs 27 hp at 3.600 rpm and 952 cc, easy maintenance. The base engine is manufactured by Mitsubishi which guarantees a very reliable engine. As all the Solé Diesel's engines the MINI-29 is manufactured with a water cooler made of one piece cast without any welding to minimise the risk of leakage, and its oversized raw water pump ensures the water flow required for engine cooling. It is an engine mainly designed for sailboats and small fishing boats, with special feets available for repowering, this kit adapts the size of the new engine with the old one, that minimize the installation cost. Moreover, it has available customizations such as filters relocation, raw water pump on the front side, dry exhaust... It meets with the RCD II and BSO II.


Mini 55 Marine Engine 4 cylinders In line 50 HP (36,8 kW) 3000 RPM

Mini 55.jpg

The marine engine MINI-55 is the MINI-44 twin sibling, with a turbo which performs 10 hp additionals from the MINI-44. The MINI-55 is a mechanical injection engine, turbocharged with 4 cylinders and 1.758 cc, with an output of 52 hp at 3.000 rpm, manufactured on a Mitsubishi based. For its compact size, it is a perfect engine for those sailing boats between 11-12 meters that require power but they have a limited space such as llaüts and small power boats. The Solé Diesel marinization -designed and made at the factory- are composed of single-piece heat exchangers without welds, which minimizes the risk of leaks, and exclusive oversized raw water pumps from Solé Diesel. It has multiple kits to facilitate the change of the engine reducing installation costs and a wide variety of configurations. It complies with RCD II.

SK-60 Marine Engine 4 cylinders In line 60 HP (44 kW) 2700 RPM

The SK-60 is the Solé Diesel's marine engine on Kubota base, that guarantees high performance and durability. A 4 cylinders engine with 53,9 hp output at 2.700 rpm and 2.434 cc. It has been designed to offer a compacter and lighter option for sailingboats and small professional fishing boats, with reduced space but with a high power demand. It has a turbo intake system that allows consumption and pollution reduction, according to the RCD II emissions certifications. The SK-60 has available a lot of kits to make easy and cheaper the installation, and also a wide variety of configurations.


SM-82 Marine Engine 4 cylinders In line 82 HP (60,3 kW) 2500 RPM


The SM-82 is a 4 cylinders marine engine with mechanical injection on a Mitsubishi block with turbocharged intake system. It has a 3.331 cc displacement and performs 82 hp at 2.500 rpm. This is a dual engine which can run on leisure and commercial boats. It fits on semi displacement or displacement hulls which need a powerful engine with limited space. The marinization has been fully designed and produced in the Solé Diesel plant. The heat exchanger is made on a single piece with no welding, avoiding the possibilities of leaking. The raw water pump has been oversized, so we ensure the engine receives the water flow needed for the engine refrigeration. There are multiple kits available for the most demanding configurations. The SM-82 meets the RCD II.

SM-103 Marine Engine 6 cylinders In line 103 HP (75,8 kW) 2500 RPM

The 6 cylinder marine diesel engine SM-103 on a Mitsubishi block, performs 103 hp at 2.500 rpm with a 4.996 cc displacement. It is naturally aspirated and mechanical injection engine very versatile, which offers durability, low vibrations and reliability. It has a high torque at low rpm which makes the SM-103 the perfect partner for fishing boats with semi-displacement and displacement hull, specially indicated for continuous service. This is a unique engine on this range. Availability of multiple kits and configurations for the most demanding boats.

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